Johns Hopkins Robotics
Next meeting is tomorrow, Monday October 11th, at 2pm in the LCSR room. We are finishing the UMD Autonomous RaceCar and should be debugging the rest of this week. The general algorithm for Trinity FireFighting has been written and will be posted ASAP.

10/11/2010 10:47:05 pm

I have started rough CAD models for the URC robot. I also have a vision of the overall robot functionality and requirements in a WORD document. What would be the best way to send JHU Robotics the files?

10/12/2010 06:59:30 am

Please send it to the email,

10/19/2010 03:03:11 am

Can someone bring their laptop to the meeting and turn on a Skype call or video chat for Friday 10/22 meeting?
Look for my Skype ID of blaze.sanders or

I will send file by middle of next week.
Here is another team:


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