Johns Hopkins Robotics
It's all hands on board for the upcoming Trinity firefighting competition! We're working on hammering out our programming and robot design. Next week we'll be writing code and designing the robot chassis in CAD. Our Tuesday and Friday meetings will cover a lot of ground, so be sure to show up! We're also going to begin pursuing some sponsors next week.
We will be competing in our first competition at College Park this Saturday, the 16th. Our car will have to drive 1 mile unaided around an oval track. We will also have a team meeting this Friday, the 15th, which we expect will be a marathon robotic-ing session. Pizza will be served.

The meeting will be held at 6pm in the Basement Auditorium as usual. 
Next meeting is tomorrow, Monday October 11th, at 2pm in the LCSR room. We are finishing the UMD Autonomous RaceCar and should be debugging the rest of this week. The general algorithm for Trinity FireFighting has been written and will be posted ASAP.




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Meeting on Sunday, October 10th at 3pm in CSEB. We will meet in our LCSR room in the basement. Call (9176674864) to get into the building. We will be working on the UMD Autonomous Race Car. The competition is in less than a week. We have also made progress on the Trinity FireFighting algorithms and designs. Feel free to bring your other school work too so that if you get tired of robotics, you can take a break and do more work. In the future we will try and post these meeting times earlier so you guys know about it ahead of time. If our party survives into the night, we can order pizza.

If you can make it, please leave a comment to this blog so we know how many people will be there.

We will also be having meetings Tuesdays and Fridays per usual.

We will be having our next meeting on Friday at 6pm in the basement of CSEB (Hackerman Hall). We will almost always meet in room B17 which is labeled as 'Auditorium'. If you can't get into the building call or text 9176674864(Hans) or 3019973968(Andrew). 

It would be great if everyone could briefly read the rules for Trinity:

Meeting Today, October 5th, in CSEB (Hackerman Hall) Room B17.

Unless there's a very large amount of conflicts, we will start meeting on tuesdays and fridays at 6pm. We will order pizza or whatever food you desire.

The goal is to have different designs and psuedocodes for Trinity FireFighting by the end of October.

We met today with Elan to discuss the algorithm to be implemented in Student Innovation Lab in Hackerman Hall (formerly, CSEB). If interested, please contact Elan at 410 929 4737.